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About Us

Who is BASH Beanies?

Hello, hello! I'm Batya, the *BA* behind BASH Beanies, currently based in Jerusalem, Israel. One of the first questions I always get is, where did "BASH" come from? Well, it's a play on my name and my dear friend and co-founder's name, Shira (who unfortunately moved back to America recently *sigh*). We started BASH Beanies in September 2019 out of the need for affordable, American style, trendy headwear in Israel. We found it was something that was so available in America, but a bit lacking over here in the Holy Land.


My personal style is very relaxed and I always need beanies that I can quickly grab on-the-go chasing after my toddlers, so I wear beanies ALL the time. I love being able to wear my own product as proof that they really are so comfortable, and they last. I try to have a little bit of something for everyone at the shop (in person and online)!


hi! it's
me, batya

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